I have never done well with sudden changes… So, to arrive at the airport and find out that the airplane that was supposed to take me to Calgary was still on the ground in Fort Meyers, FLORIDA – let me just say that I managed not to cry while waiting in line (truly a miraculous feat for me). The last time this happened, I had to wait until the next day for another flight. It’s hard to make your sister’s funeral if you are flying from Toronto the same day. Luckily – yeah right – I don’t believe in luck. Let me try that again. Thank you Lord that you got me on the next  flight – it makes my 4 hour layover just 2 and I get time to relax a little before being crammed into a tin can for four hours. I also have a great seat this flight. As I was holding back tears while talking to the ticket agent, I asked if there would still be an isle seat for the long flight to Calgary – ready for this? I am in the first row and on the isle… talk about leg room! I will also be the first to receive snacks, closest to the washroom and the first off the plane. It’s gonna be alright after all. The other bonuses – I got a $10 breakfast voucher (Starbucks) and will most likely also receive a $100 voucher for another flight. With the one I have from the last mechanical failure, I should have a one way, low season ticket. Hopefully, I can use it for a fun trip next time…

Happy Wednesday and I hope to find a way to post while I’m in WL. I’m not quite sure how I’ll manage without wireless – I am spoiled and my mom’s computer is slower than molasses in January. I guess I can suck it up, eh?