This morning Laurenne had the full dress rehearsal for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and she is AMAZING! Derwyn is doing the video for both performances and we got into the dress rehearsal this morning for a practice run. I love being on the inside… I asked the teacher if I could take some photos (without flash as to not distract). For the performances there will be NO video or photos allowed – you can imagine the chaos for the kids with a zillion proud parents running around fighting for the good spots to take pictures… The teacher asked if I would take a bunch of stills so she could have some up in the lobby on the big nights. I had full permission to take pictures – with flash! I found out that she is a scrapbooking mom, just like me. I love a kindred spirit.

Here are the shots of Levi’s wife (aka Laurenne). We couldn’t be more proud of our girl. She is a natural on stage and loves the choreography. It’s hard for her mom to watch all the hip action in some of the songs – too soon, too soon, should never happen in my lifetime… When I told her to break a leg this morning, she looked at me in horror and said that she didn’t want to break her leg. Once I explained that it’s showbiz talk for good luck, she spun around saying “I want to break my leg!”

We are greatly looking forward to the next two nights. If you see a really bright light in the eastern night sky, it’s just my beaming face. Have I mentioned that we are extremely proud of Laurenne? She has put in hours and hours of practice at school and at home and it shows.

Any comments you post for her I will make sure she gets – the more broken legs the better!