I’ve been trying to get all of my ducks in a row so that I can start upgrading at university to go back and get my B Ed. I found out yesterday that York (and one would assume U of T and every other major university) doesn’t recognize my bachelor of theology degree! The admissions clerk was very magnanimous and offered me one year for it… Bye-bye B Ed. I went home and started phoning. Tyndale will accept my degree and would allow me to take their B Ed, but is unsure if the Ontario College of Teachers would accept it. Trinity Western in Langley states on their website that the BC College of Teachers accepts degrees from institutions that are accredited with the same accreditation body as Summit. I need to wait until Monday to phone the Ontario College of Teachers and find out if I have a hope. It’s fine that Trinity Western will probably recognize my degree, but I don’t see how we can move the family to Langley (especially with the cost of living there!) just so I can go back to school for two years. Tyndale is here in Toronto, just up the road from our house, and it would involve staying in Toronto one more year (no moving the kids again). Of course Derwyn will  have to find another job as the one he just got is a one year contract. So, the bottom hasn’t fallen out of my world just yet, but there are large cracks in the floor.

Holding my breath… Wanda