Despite the cold weather and the few snowflakes that fell earlier on this afternoon, my kids embraced the late afternoon sunshine and pretended that spring was really here. Yes, they needed mitts and a toque – but that’s the joy of being a kid. I stayed inside where it was warm and took pictures from the door! Here’s to warmer weather and more days out in the sun!

At one point I looked out the front window to see Laurenne swing down from one branch to another like a monkey. She was holding on with her arms, but literally swung around – legs flying out in all directions. It was not good on this mother’s heart! I told her to cut it out – it made my tummy do flip-flops. Her response? So, don’t watch me then, mommy! Cheeky little thing… All we need is a broken leg with only one week until her performance in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. I’m not sure who is more excited about her performance – Laurenne or me… She has a crazy week of rehearsals ahead and will feel a bit lost once it’s all over, but this has been an experience she will never forget and we are very thankful that she is in such a great school.

Life is good…thanks be to God!