I am now part of the over 1 million Canadians who have taken the Vote Compass on the CBC website. Derwyn was one of the first few thousand, but I kept forgetting to do it (gasp – I know, a political junkie like me not being the first…!) His results were surprising and he went over the results question by question to find out how he could be where he ended up (not that it will change his vote). I found myself right where I should be, but was way further away from my second choice than I thought possible. Could I not be as fully informed about party platforms? Yes, of course I could. I’m not that nutty about politics to know everything about all of the parties – yet…

Only 29  more sleeps ’til the election party of a lifetime. Any appetizer suggestions? I’m ready to step it up a notch. No chips and dip – this is going to be as high end as I can afford. I’m thinking anything with phyllo pastry and a whole lot of chocolate – YUM! All recipes are welcome.

Tomorrow I will post the answer as to who Laurenne’s book character is – stay tuned! Wanda