Most who know me, know that I am a federal politics JUNKIE! I religiously watch the At Issue panel on CBC’s The National every Thursday night and heaven help anyone who talks or distracts while it’s on. Derwyn is just as bad and we make quite a pair during elections…

I don’t watch sports (not even figure skating – gasp!) and except for The National and CBC News Network, I don’t watch much TV at all. Federal elections are my Superbowl, Stanley Cup, Grey Cup, F1 season, pick a sport final, all wrapped into one. When you have to wait so long in between events, you’ve gotta make each one really count!

It has always been a drag having elections while living in BC. The coverage blackout ends at 8:00 pm pacific time which is 11:00 pm eastern and during the last election our coverage began with Peter Mansbridge announcing that they were ready to declare the outcome – not a single vote from BC had been counted! Once I knew that we were going to be living in Ontario, I had hoped for a federal election – we will get to watch three more hours of coverage! Wahoo! We will get to watch the counting unfold LIVE and in technicolour! I feel a great urge to stock up on chips and dip, chocolate and drinks NOW! We will have an election party that will show football fans how it’s done. OK, actually it will be quiet as a tomb as we are glued to the coverage and analyzing each riding’s progress. We would have people over to party with us, but I am fearful that they might actually want to talk! That is simply unacceptable behaviour! Although… there are moments when comments are fine and if ever we found anyone else as fanatical as us, they would be more than welcome.

The invitation is wide open to any BC friends who need a bigger fix to come on out and join us. You can cast your vote in the advance polls and then party the night away with us. ¬†Unfortunately, this election we will not have a projector to have internet coverage up on the wall while watching the TV coverage, so maybe the invitation is not so appealing… Sorry to disappoint.

I will try to keep the children fed, the house cleaned and get myself to work during the campaign, but do not expect me to accomplish any more than that – you would be asking FAR too much!

Here’s to a great race and three extra hours of coverage! Wahoooooo!