There are some things in life I wish that I never knew. I didn’t ever want to know what sat levels, resps, tpn, troponin and a whole host of other medical terms were. I just learned from my dad that Kelowna has a cardiac unit. Why would my dad know that? He just learned from the hospital that mom was admitted to yesterday that she is being prepped to be flown there as I type this. Yesterday, early morning, mom woke up freezing cold and upset. She settled again but could not be roused by dad or the home nurse for quite some time after that. She was eventually woken up but was not herself so the decision was made for her to go to the hospital. Dad phoned the hospital for an update yesterday, but they were busy and said that she was stable. He expected her home this morning.

It turns out that she has high levels of troponin in her blood. That means that she had a heart attack, hence the need for her to be transported to Kelowna to their cardiac unit. We don’t yet know anything else. She may be in Kelowna only a couple of days, or it could be an extended stay. It may have been a result of the accident or she could be in for a long run of heart concerns.

I get the feeling that I may be learning more about heart attacks than I wish I ever knew…

We covet your prayers once again.  Wanda