It is official.  The University of Toronto is processing my application so I can start upgrading before I completely lose my mind and attempt my Bachelor of Education degree. I am going back to school… Certifiably crazy… If I have convinced the university that I may be able to keep my head above water, I will start with Canadian Geography this summer. I also need to take a science (can you say Intro to Biology) and a math (heaven help Derwyn as his full time job will then become Wanda’s math tutor). I break out in hives every time I think about numbers and letters co-mingling… nightmares from high school… I would love to take Canadian History as well as Children’s Literature, but they are not required for the BEd program and cost more money, so they will have to fall under the ‘self study’ category.

I desperately miss teaching and every time I walk into the kids’ schools I feel like I am home. I belong there! It should be an interesting road and I can’t wait to be a full time teacher (please God, let it be so!)

If any of you have any good brain exercises to get me in shape, please pass them along. I need all the help I can get!