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“Liturgical seekers cherish the confidence that comes from historical connectedness, from theology that is not tied to the whims of contemporary culture but to apostolic-era understandings of Christian faith and practice.” p. 14

The Accidental Anglican: The Surprising Appeal of the Liturgical Church by Todd D. Hunter had me intrigued simply with the title and I was eager to read it. I thought I had found a book that would explain why I feel so drawn to the Anglican way of doing church and why this Pentecostal pastor’s wife finds such deep resonance with ancient liturgical forms of worship. However, the title is misleading as this book is more a telling of Hunter’s personal journey than an explanation of the liturgical church from a charismatic perspective.

Todd Hunter came from the Jesus Movement to Vineyard to Alpha before becoming an Anglican bishop with the Anglican Mission in the Americas. He tells of his journey and the people who have impacted his life and spiritual journey to this point. While devoting a few chapters to Anglican tradition and the liturgy, most of the book is like a public thank you card to those who, as Hunter puts it, added a piece of glass in the stained glass window through which he could see his way into the Church.

Hunter’s journey is unique in that he became a bishop in only two years, but is more common in that there are a number of charismatic Christians “reconsidering liturgical forms of worship”. This book would be an excellent introduction to the Anglican church for those from a non-liturgical background.

Despite not living up to my initial expectations, The Accidental Anglican is a good read that I would easily recommend to my Pentecostal family and friends as part of an answer to their curiosity about appeals to me about Anglican worship.

I give this book 4 stars out of 5.