I have decided that breathing is for sissies. It seems that every time I think it is safe to take a breath, something else catastrophic happens. So, I’ve decided that taking a deep breath is over-rated and dangerous, therefore I am going to give up breathing for Lent for everyone’s health and safety! I cannot share at this point what is going on, but a major health issue has taken over another family member. It took me a while to figure out why I was so angry today. There is nothing I can do except pray – which I have been doing – but I am SICK AND TIRED of feeling so helpless. Over the last three months I have come to fully understand that I cannot control my control issue, therefore I need to let God be in control. Fine. Now if I could just DO that, then maybe God will leave me alone and stop reminding me with family that He is going to force the issue until I get it through my thick head! I know, I know, God doesn’t hand out serious health issues just for me to hand over control – like I have that kind of power! I would just like to stop being sad and scared and frustrated and angry…

Motion sick from the roller coaster!