Just finished typing out my rough notes for my review of Unprotected Texts and it’s 517 words! Most publishers prefer around 300 words – if it’s too long, people won’t read it. One consolation is that I have a lengthy quote from the book (I won’t count that, so I guess I only have 417 words). The big problem is that my notes are only in point form and are to remind me of a whole concept or issue to discuss. Guess I’m gonna have to get creative and let go of a couple of “hot button” issues. Drat!

This is going to be fun. Finishing the book has given me a better idea about the author’s perspective – but 99% of that came from the conclusion. I am going to be fair and hopefully balanced. I just wish I had the time to do it now – I’m on a roll. Unfortunately real life wins out yet again. I have homework to supervise, supper to make, a committee meeting to get ready for tonight and a Sunday school classroom to tidy up before said meeting.

Stay tuned tomorrow – it’s gonna be good!  Wanda