Well I have just received some great news. As I type this, my sister Sarah is on her way back to her home hospital! She has been talking and eating and even told the nurses in Kamloops that she will miss them when she goes home. She has no more drains, tubes, IV’s and only half the staples in her incision that were once there. God is good. Mom and Sarah will not be sharing a room just now (despite being on the same floor). The stress may be too much for mom as she realizes that she will be unable to provide the same level of care for Sarah as she has in the past. However, they will be able to see each other at last! The last time they saw each other was the day of the accident – December 10th – mom was on her way home from visiting Sarah.

The occupational therapist was out to my parents house last night to assess what mom’s needs will be once she is home. She will be given nursing care morning and evening as well as meal support and house cleaning. The amount of medical equipment arriving will make my parents bedroom a tight squeeze – two wheelchairs, two walkers, other medical necessities… should prove to be interesting. The equipment and care will not be arriving and finalized until Friday, so mom will have to sit tight a few more days in hospital – which we are fine with. She is eager to go home (eager is putting it mildly!) but is still very weak. I am a bit worried, but God is in control and I am not.

So, I’m not sure it is completely safe to breathe just yet, but I think I feel a deep breath comin’ on! HALLELUJAH!