Well, I have finished my first week working at the library. I am a page in the Society and Recreation department and am having a great time. I must admit that I feel like I’m stealing – they are paying me to play in the books! I have my own section for shelf reading, know how to do rough and fine sorting in the back and will soon be trained on the computer to add back to our collection all of the crates of books that are returned from the 98 other branches. There is a great bunch of people that I work with – especially my boss. I must say that I won’t miss the level of dysfunction that was at Resto.

At Resto they have hired two new managers (all of whom I could have babysat, they are so young) and the politics are crazy and there are a lot of disgruntled staff. I was not chosen to stay on after seasonal work. The managers I worked with over Christmas put my name forward, but the new (did I say how young they are) managers that I have never worked with chose to let me go. Am I upset or sad? Not a chance. God is providing by giving me a job at the church teaching Sunday school and now I am at the library. I will have opportunity for more hours once I am fully trained and am MUCH happier with that.

I am looking forward to learning a ton more at work and wish that it wasn’t union so that I could be given more opportunity based on skill and enthusiasm, not on seniority. My boss is very pleased with me so far. He  said that he is glad they hired me and he has a good feeling about me. It’s gonna be a great time.

I know I haven’t been keeping up with Thanks and Project 365. With this being my first week back from BC, it has taken me a bit to get my feet under me. Calling two hospitals is fine, but I will be glad when it is down to one again. My mom is doing fine, but is going crazy being this close to home and not being home! It is hard for her to understand why she just can’t get better in her rocking chair at home instead of in the hospital. Sarah is now speaking (mostly just saying “owie”) but it is a step in the right direction.

I received two books for review when I was gone and am almost finished one and am really looking forward to the next! I will post separately to let you know what they are…