My brainwaves are sluggish and now even counting is a challenge. I give up!

Mom is settling nicely into the hospital at home, and despite being told that NO, you are not going home home tomorrow, she is one determined lady. Motivation is a wonderful thing and she is now eating (still not enough, but some is better than none) and taking steps for physio. The really long tunnel is getting shorter and there is a pinprick of light now visible. Thanks be to God!

Sarah, on the other hand, is still in need of much prayer. She was extubated and is breathing on her own, but her chest is wheezy and she is not responding verbally to the nurses. She is responding to pain but still has a feeding tube and has edema. It will be at least three or four more days (really, I think a week) until she is able to be transferred home and then only if there is a bed. At least she was “promoted” to the Step Down unit – we will take each victory and celebrate!

Here are pictures of my heroes. They will be Project 365: Day 21 & 22 – even though I took the one of Sarah in January on my last trip.

I will try to update more often now that I am home. Breathing is still hard and I am taking little gupppy breaths – not ready for big, deep breaths yet. I am so thankful for my amazingly supportive hubby who loves me in my crazy moments and keeps me from being stuck to the ceiling. I could not survive without him.

Until tomorrow, Wanda.