So much has happened in the last two days that I am not sure where to begin. I had said to my friend on the way to the hospital Friday morning that I finally thought it was safe to breathe again. I spoke too soon…

The surgeon finally came on Friday, ordered a CT for mom and if it was fine, her drain could be taken out = a one way ticket to her home hospital. Shortly after mom’s CT scan I received a call from the home hospital to tell me that my sister was admitted for abdominal pain, given a CT scan and they needed to do immediate surgery. The initial diagnosis looked like a messed up bowel and the need for a bowel resection. Once the surgeon was in, they found that her gallbladder was gangrenous (apparently that is not so uncommon?!). She was ventilated to help her through the surgery as a precaution.

This morning (Saturday) the surgeon here in Kamloops read the results of the scan, and while the drain needs to be in for a while longer, she was confident that the home hospital could handle it and mom was cleared to go home. Timing, as they say, is everything, and by 2:30 this afternoon, mom was on her way home! We are thrilled that mom is closer to home and she is VERY motivated to heal and get back to her favourite chair in her own living room. While taking to mom’s surgeon about the transfer, the surgeon asked if I knew about my sister. I said yes, and then she said “oh, so you know that she is on her way here?” I stopped breathing. My sister was having trouble breathing off the ventilator and needed to be sent to Kamloops as the home hospital doesn’t have the equipment or resources to handle anyone on a vent for more than 24 hours.

Once my sister was here, I found out that she was not breathing without the vent. The only thing that the doctors could guess was that the anesthetic was having a lasting effect that was affecting her breathing. She would open her eyes and respond to pain, but wasn’t aware of much else going on. She is now in ICU here in Kamloops and has started to try to breathe on her own. They will keep her on the machine for at least the night and will reassess in the morning, weaning her off slowly.

If I could ask you to pray some more for my family. I have to leave tomorrow – the flight is booked and I start my new job on Tuesday and there is nothing I can do for Sarah here. She is in good hands and she should be back home within a week (if all goes well). I hate the guilt. I am only one woman and need to be at least three right now – anyone figured out cloning yet? I could sure use a couple more of me…

Hanging on by the skin of my teeth – Wanda