Today has been amazing (and it’s only2:15pm!) We got mom up in a wheelchair and took her for a spin. It was a bit overwhelming, but she was a trooper and we had a lovely stop at the window to enjoy a bit of the view. She got out of bed under her own power and made it to the chair without a hitch – I am SO proud of her. She ate almost a whole bowl of soup for lunch – a massive amount for her and is now sleeping like a baby. She is my hero. Here is the shot of the love birds while out for a “walk” this morning.

Dad was released from hospital this morning and is staying another day to have more time with mom.

The doctor has begun the process of mom being moved to Williams Lake. Now if only the surgeon would show up! She has one more day and then I’m pulling out the big guns… The doctor who is responsible for mom’s primary care said that mom could be “home” in as little as a few days – depends on the bed situation (and the surgeon showing up to remove the drain).

After the rotten day mom had yesterday, today is a ray of beautiful sunshine. All is right in my world right now…

Hope you all have such a great day, too.  Wanda