Many of you do not know that part of the reason I returned to Kamloops for this particular week was because my dad was having a rather high risk surgery. He needed his gallbladder removed, but because of other health issues, putting him under was a bit of an issue. So, Williams Lake hospital was out of the question and he had to come to Kamloops. He was in surgery longer than expected, but once I knew the reason why, all was well again. When the doctor went in to remove the gallbladder, it had shrunk so small that taking it out was not necessary! The “surgery” took longer because the doctor wanted a second opinion as to whether or not it would be fine to leave the tiny bit of what was there alone. All of his symptoms were resolved months ago, and now we know why. God is so very good and dad is going crazy being stuck in the hospital over night for observation – there is NOTHING to do. Thankfully he is getting some good sleep and can stay for an extended visit with my mom.

Here is a picture of the latest fashion trend in Kamloops surgery (and yes, I have permission to post this – thanks Dad!)

Mom has had better days, but on the whole is doing marvelous. Thank you for your prayers. We are now waiting for mom’s surgeon to show up (long story) so that her pancreas drain can be taken out. Once that happens, there can be serious discussion about her being transferred to the hospital in Williams Lake.

I am now nodding off instead of typing, so must go to sleep…