Well, today I experienced another first. After landing in Calgary on my way to Kamloops I experienced what flying would be like if Derwyn were the pilot and we were running late… 😉 You know I love you, babe! The pilot was hard on the brakes after touch down and to make it around the corner onto a taxiway, he locked up the wheels on the landing gear! How do I know that? I was sitting in an emergency row right over top of the wheels. You could hear the screech and smell the hot rubber. It was like he was trying to pull the e-brake and make the back end step out but didn’t pull fast enough and locked ’em up instead. There was a lot of snow on the runway and who knows – maybe it was bring your kid to work day and the co-pilot was the 16 year old son of the pilot… It was pretty funny and my seat mates and I had quite a chuckle.

For those of you who didn’t know yet, I am obviously on my way back to see my mom. I was going to go during the last week of Feb but my dad is having surgery in the same hospital as my mom, so I can see them both in the same visit. The end of Feb is Derwyn’s reading week so there would be no childcare issues – oh well…  I am only gone for  a week this trip because next week I start my new job!

I interviewed at the North York Central Library a few weeks ago and was told I wouldn’t know until the middle of Feb if I was going to be hired. (Another reason to go back to Kamloops now and not at the end of the month) The lady who interviewed me phoned last week and offered me the position with the most hours – they were hiring for five different positions – and she even took the liberty of changing the one shift from Monday night to a different afternoon so that I can still go to bells. She had cleared it with my manager who was fine with it, but the new shift caused a scheduling hiccup at home. I said I could work it out and that was that – I was hired. Less than an hour later I got a call from my new boss who asked if changing that particular shift an hour earlier would work better (which it did, although two hours would have been perfect). Twice they have flexed for me and I haven’t even started working yet. I guess I did OK in my interview… The great thing is that I have the opportunity to work my way up the ladder to a clerk position = better pay and more responsibility. I am so thankful for this job and can’t wait to get started.

I started reading a new book for review on the plane called Chasing Francis. Watch for the review this week – I am loving it and think you will, too.

Have a happy Monday to all and I will post my picture later on today. I have a window seat from Calgary to Kamloops and am praying for clear skies…

Love, Wanda