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On Friday Laurenne’s school celebrated Carnival Carnaval (Laurenne informed me it is spelled with the a, not the i  and should be pronounced with a French accent) as part of the French curriculum. She was involved in the decorating committee for a while and made a float for the parade in her French class. There were about 75 kids who formed the parade to kick off the festivities and Laurenne was chosen to be one of them. Her float was entitled “La Nouritture du Carnaval” which she informed me means “The food of Carnaval”. It was an amazing day for the students and the French teacher who spear headed the event is the new superman: a Carnaval for 600 students, raising over $10,000 to include things like ice sculptures, and every maple treat known to childhood – with Laurenne’s favourite – maple taffy. If he is still standing, he deserves a standing ovation. I wanted to share more than just the picture of Laurenne in the parade, so enjoy…