Well, for the first time in a zillion years, the Toronto School Board declared a snow day! There are two very happy children in this house – actually out in the yard – playing in the fresh, fluffy snow that has fallen. Last year there was so little snow that at one point Andrew was in tears – all the hype about Toronto and how much snow they get and it was one of the lowest accumulations on record. Last night brought the biggest storm since 2008 and it’s still coming down. Andrew is quite disappointed that it is forecast to stop by supper time and he will have to go to school tomorrow… Having his first snow day is amazing and he thinks to have two in a row would be the best ever!

The kids are outside giving Stonehenge a run for its money with an ice sculpture out of a GIANT icicle they found on the back corner of the house. The snow is finally deep enough that they will walk and fall down on purpose – remember those days when the bones could handle such things and we could get up again? Sigh…

It didn’t take long – the architects are now arguing and one is walking off the job sight. It looks like Stonehenge is safe. The architect in question has come in – so much for a fun snow day… Glad I got the pictures when I did. I have a sneaking suspicion that when architect #2 went out to play 20 minutes after architect #1, they took over the job (hmmm… isn’t there a saying about working from the same set of blueprints?)

Enjoy winter everyone!