For those who know my mom, here is the latest update.

I talked with the neurologist today and the CT scan she had on Sunday showed that the brain fluid is SLOWLY making its way back to where it belongs. PRAISE BE TO GOD! The neurologist estimates that it will be between three and six months before it is back to normal. That is a long time, but we knew that the road to recovery would not be as quick as we would have liked. They are also talking about beginning the process of transferring her to the Williams Lake hospital. We are excited to hear this! Being closer to home so that she can have familiar faces and more interaction with those who love and care for her, I think, will really speed up her recovery. Anything that will help to keep the confusion at bay and help her short term memory to stick around is a big plus!

A few days ago the nurses thought mom had turned a corner and things were much better. However we are still doing the crazy dance that the ICU nurses told me to expect – one step forward, two steps back, two steps forward, three steps sideways, one step to the other side, another step back, etc. They were right. I have been motion sick from all this crazy dancing but my amazing mom is one dance partner that is worth it! Am looking forward to taking off my dancing shoes? Yes, but not yet! The music is still playing…

Please continue to pray for mom. Pray for peace of heart, continued healing, full restoration, and pray that mom won’t be transferred to Williams Lake until after my flight leaves Kamloops on the 13th. (OK, that’s really a prayer request for me as the driving is a wee bit stressful!)

Thank you for being faithful companions on this journey with us. You have carried us when we were weary and lifted us with your prayers. We could not have gotten this far without you!

Bless your hearts,