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THANK YOU JUDY BLUME! My reluctant reader has found a series of books that he is flying through and spending over an hour a day reading (almost unheard of before now). Andrew had to choose a book of over 100 pages for a school assignment and decided on Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Why that book you ask? Because it had only120 pages! (It did help that the main character was a boy). He flew through that book and started reading the next book in the series called Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, but found it boring. So, he picked up the third (back to the boys) Superfudge and has it almost finished in two days! Does this teacher mommy’s heart good! Hopefully The Stone of Destiny will magically appear in the mail just before he is done the next two in the Fudge series, and he will be off and reading the big books in no time. Page number is really intimidating when you don’t have much confidence as a reader. His reading ability and comprehension are way above grade level, but he had it in his head that he’s not a good reader. That is all changing now. Yippee! 

Let Andrew inspire you to pick up a good book and spend an hour with a snack and a cup of tea – it’ll do you nothing but good.

Love to all,