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Sunday was Day 3 of Project 365 and Derwyn needed to take the camera to church.  Here is the wonderful result:


This is a picture of the big stained glass window at our church, St. John’s York Mills. The sanctuary is full of stained glass and the building is almost 200 years old. There is something really special about worshiping in a place that old…you can almost feel the prayers of those that have gone on before. I wish there was more history in the Pentecostal tradition… We love our church and being Anglican for a while – it has been a refreshing change. There is much to be said about learning our faith traditions and our roots as a people. Enough sermonizing for now (I could go on for volumes on the subject). Hmmm… wonder what the market would be in Pentecostal circles for a book written by a Pentecostal pastor’s wife about being “imbedded” in the Anglican tradition. Hmmm… something to ponder to be sure. What are your thoughts?

Project 365: Day 4

I took a picture of the amaryllis early this morning (sort of counts as a ‘yesterday’ picture) and then one this afternoon.  Even though it was a grey and snowy day, the flowers have opened up a great deal. It has been interesting being so intentional about watching the flowers unfold.  I would not have notices as much detail if it weren’t for the project. The kids are next on my list once the flowers are done – much to their chagrin. Hope you enjoy.

Sorry the stained glass picture showed up again – I can’t figure out how to take it out without it disappearing up above…

Love to all,