I just got off the phone with my dad who went to see my mom this weekend. Her ankle boot is off unless she is standing (which she has done twice with a walker), her trach came out on Friday, her abdominal drain is almost ready to come out and her ribs are finally healing. The big concern we still have and are in MUCH need of prayer about is her brain injury. There is one ventricle in the brain that is low on fluid and there is too much fluid in the frontal lobes (that is causing too much pressure).  This pressure is causing short term memory issues (she has almost no short term memory) and she is most often confused, frustrated and angry.  She cannot take her regular medications because she needs a swallowing assessment first to see if her body remembers how to swallow and to see if she is mentally able to swallow and not aspirate instead (can you say pneumonia?). The neurologist believes that once she is up and walking around the fluid in her brain will probably find its way back to where it belongs. If they tried to drain the fluid, it would just fill back in where they took it from – the brain has to find the right path on its own… However, there is still a risk that the brain injury will be permanent.  She is not sleeping and that makes it hard to heal.  Our hearts are hopeful and yet heavy.  Thank you for your prayers so far and know that they are indeed working – God isn’t ready for her yet – and we’re hanging on tight for the ride ahead. Please pray that the brain fluid will find the way home, that mom will be filled with peace and be able to sleep and that doctors are confounded by her sudden complete recovery.

Love to all,