Well, I actually remembered to post the picture that I took this afternoon…miracles never cease (ha ha)! Andrew has been sick with a cold the last couple of days, but still spent almost three hours outside this afternoon building a snow ramp that he could launch off of while standing in his round sled. Thankfully we had no wipe-outs of significance to report! Laurenne spent the afternoon sewing (on her own sewing machine from Gramma) a costume that she needs for school. She loves it and will be using it for halloween next year as well. Derwyn and I are extremely tired despite getting enough sleep. I think we are just too dehydrated for our own good and need to keep handing off the stress to God.

My mom is finally starting to improve. There has been one frustrating thing after another in terms of her getting quality care and I was about to have her doctor written up again with the patient advocate at the hospital when, lucky for her, she passed off direct care of mom to another doctor. One of these days I am going to write out in detail everything that has happened so that if/when I have to deal with the medical system again, I will remember what we have gone through. My dad is with her this weekend and the last two days have been the best so far for her. She finally has the trach out and was standing for the first time (with assistance) yesterday. There are still many concerns and she will be in hospital for a long while yet (it has been 43 days since the accident). Please keep praying!

Tomorrow is a crazy day and I will have to post tomorrow’s picture on Monday. We have church in the morning, the kids are at a friend’s house doing a homework assignment until noon, have to run back, pick up the kids, go back to the church for a luncheon, then I have to work from 2-10, Derwyn has church again at 5, back to get the kids to bed and then off to pick me up from work. Sunday is definitely not our Sabbath.

Love to all,