I was lurking around in blog-land and found several sites that have “365 Project”.  It is a challenge to take one picture per day for a year.  Of course, most of them started on January 1st and most people will actually do it every day for the whole year.  I’m sure I won’t keep it up (especially with how my memory is these days…) but I’m going to give it a go.  It will be fun to see what strikes my fancy each day and how many pictures I actually take – especially being know for taking a zillion of the same thing or variations on the same theme.  I promise I won’t share them all but just the best.  It will also keep me blogging more often as well.  There are a ton of websites that you can do book reviews and product reviews for but they want your blog to be active for at least three months and have at least 60 posts (usually without a gap of more than a week).  Because I did not post while away in BC this last trip, I am basically starting over.  It has been fun reviewing books for different publishers and I’m looking forward to doing it more in the future – who wouldn’t want free books to read?  (I signed up for a company yesterday and requested the book “The Science of Kissing” – keeping my fingers crossed that I get it!)

So, here are the first pictures for Project 365:

During the Christmas rush at Resto, someone dropped a Red Lion Amaryllis bulb and its stupidly expensive clay pot.  Lucky for me, the container broke and I got to take the bulb home.  I planted it near the end of November and this is where it is at now.  I am going to take a picture every day of the largest blossom to document it’s blooming.  I’m very excited to see how big the flower will be and if it is fragrant or not.  The bulb has two buds on it and the last picture is of the smaller bud before it opens so that you can see what the big one looked like before it opened.  I didn’t think it would be too exciting to watch the closed bud for another week still closed…

Hope you all are having a wonderful day – especially you Florida folk who are having WAY too much fun soaking up the sun.

Love to all,