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One of the perks of working at Restoration Hardware was getting stuff I didn’t know even existed at a great discount.  From last year’s stock I got two snowball makers for the kids for Christmas.  Toronto finally got enough snow shortly after I returned from BC so the kids could test them out.  Andrew spent a large portion of his Saturday morning preparing the driveway for the biggest snowball fight in Costinak history.  He built up his fortress walls (complete with an icicle barrier – tips broken off for safety – his idea!), made over 200 snowballs for the kids team and laid them out for battle.  Derwyn built up the parents team barrier and made our snowballs (I forget the count just now – I’ll add it once Derwyn is home to remind me).  You can see in the pictures that we were more organized than the kids, but they out shot us and took us out!  We ran out of snowballs way before the kids and Derwyn then grabbed the shovel and had to resort to desperation for us to have any chance of survival.  There are no pictures of the actual snowball fight as I was far too busy fighting for my life to take any pictures.  My kids are a great shot (they did not get this skill from their mother!) and we had a wonderful time.  It was then in for some much needed and much deserved hot chocolate and the planning of the next Epic Family Snowball Fight!