I think I’m going to explode!  I tried phoning my dad and then Derwyn and both are not home, so I will post it here before I go completely crazy!

When I arrived at the hospital this morning they were just finishing up rounds.  When I came in, mom’s nurse told me  – ready for this? – that the Dr. gave the order for mom to be moved to the Step Down Unit!  This means that she is doing well enough to be moved from ICU and into the next phase of her recovery!  My heart is overflowing with thankfulness! The nurse figures that she will spend about a week in Step Down and then will be transferred onto the regular ward for rehab and final recovery.  We are still looking at months for a complete recovery, but for her to be moved is fabulous news!  The nurse to patient ratio is 1:2 or 1:3 which ensures that she will still be given excellent care.  The nurse is not sure if there is a bed available in Step Down yet and she may even be moved in the middle of the night if one comes available then, but who cares!  The order was given by the doctor!

The reason I am down in the cafe posting this is because mom is sleeping.  I have yet to see her fully awake and have a good visit, but sleep is the #1 medicine for recovery, so let her sleep, I will.  I have time this trip and my mourning has been turned to dancing, although I refrain from such rejoicing here in the cafe or I may be admitted myself! 😉

Happy, happy day!  Love to all,