Here I sit again in the Toronto airport waiting to fly to Kamloops.  This time things are much better than before.  My amazing, scrappy mom is not only awake, but “talking” = mouthing words because she still has the tracheotomy, breathing on her own without the help of the ventilator, asking to go home and healing nicely!  I am so excited to be able to talk to her and fill her in on how well my dad and sister are doing (as well as how well she is doing, but my angel from heaven who visits her daily and the nurses tell her that all the time).  She still has a long way to go and has other medical issues that make it necessary for her to still be in ICU, but on the whole it is great news.  Thankfully she is now sleeping better at nights, too.  She had a couple of mixed up days and nights, which according to the nurse is very common in an ICU as the routine is the same whether or not the sun is out.

Christmas was great and the kids are still talking about it.  I have some amazing pictures to post, but have to go now as they will be calling my flight soon and I got an emergency exit seat and will have to board first.  Hello leg room!

I’m looking forward to posting more again and will have plenty of time while mom rests and I eat lunch.  Thank you is inadequate to express to you all how much your prayers have meant to me and my family, and how much they still mean.  A dear friend had posted on facebook early on that God is still in the miracle working business!  Indeed, he is proving that to be true.  We have several more miracles to complete the work, and I am learning the patience to allow him to do that work in his time (not easy for me, I know).

Gotta run, love to all,