7:45 Eastern  Sunday, December 12, 2010

As I type this I am in the boarding area at Toronto International Airport (of course it will be posted later).  For those of you who are not on Facebook, let me explain and ask you to pray.  I got a call from my dad yesterday afternoon telling me that my mom had been in a serious accident the night before.  She was coming home from town and had either just gotten or was just about to get the mail when an 18-wheeler came off the highway, onto the access road where my mom was in her van and hit her.  She was flown to Kamloops hospital from Williams Lake within hours and that is where I am off to.  My dad saw the van and said that the motor was now in the passenger area and there is virtually nothing left of the front of the van.  The access road that they live on is about 3 or 4 feet below the highway and the rig lost control while turning the wide sweeping corner that is there.  The driver of the rig has a head injury but is OK enough to have stayed at the Williams Lake hospital.   He was out of the truck after the accident and talking about what happened with the neighbour who stayed with mom until the ambulance came.

My mom has been seen by the neurosurgeon and thankfully, with all of her injuries, there will be no surgery required.  She has a small amount of bleeding on the brain, but the body will be able to absorb it on it’s own.  She has a non-displaced fracture of her right ankle that only needs a splint, no cast.  She has multiple fractured ribs and they have placed a drain in her side to relieve the pressure so that her lung does not collapse.  She also has a stable fracture in her neck.  She has responded to pain stimuli and is not paralyzed and THANK YOU LORD, it does not require surgery and is stable enough that there is not the same risk of paralysis if she moved.  Right now she is sedated and intubated to allow her body to heal without her being in pain.

My best friend, Marina lives in Kamloops and went into the hospital to see mom as soon as I found out and got to talk to either an ER nurse or Dr. who answered all of her questions and then gave me a call as well.  Marina asked how mom was on a scale of 1 – 10 and he said that she was about a 6!  From the initial reports we thought she would be about a -2.  God is good and the prayers of many are working.  Please keep up the good work!

10:50 Pacific time  Monday, December-13-10

I am sitting outside ICU waiting for Mom to come back from a CT Scan.  When I arrived at 10:15 this morning the Dr was in to see her and had ordered a scan to be done.  It is a long process to get her ready as they have to take her from the permanent equipment in her room to the portable equipment so they can take her down for the scan.  The nurse last night said that they were going to wean her off the ventilator today because she is doing so well.  That’s a good sign!  Please keep praying.  When they wake her up to change dressings or move her, she gets upset – the drug they give her to keep her sedated has an amnesia property to it, so each time she wakes up she doesn’t know where she is or what has happened.  I am so thankful that I am here today when they will be waking her up more.  She will need reassurance that Dad and Sarah are fine and all is being taken care of.

They don’t know how long she will be here.  If she breathes deep enough on her own and the pain can be managed, then she will be out of ICU sooner.  My prayer is that she will do so well that they can move her back to the Williams Lake hospital sooner rather than later so that she can be closer to Dad and Sarah.  I am also more thankful than I can put into words that Marina is here and is who she is.  I don’t know of many who could come into an emergency ward, ask all of the hard and very important questions (many that I would not thought to ask) get the hospital here to call me personally in Toronto and then volunteer to run me from hospital to home and back again as many times as needed.  My life is blessed and God is taking care of us all.

They just wheeled Mom back in.  It will take a while to hook her back up to the permanent machines but I have to shut down and be ready for when they call.  There is wireless in the café on the second floor, so I will post at lunchtime.

Thank you again for your prayers, Wanda