Mom is being given a bath so I decided I would come down and see if I could reconnect and post – success again!

The Bible says that if we have faith, He will move mountains – I ask that you please help by giving our family some of your faith.  I am tired – trying to convert my internal clock to pacific time is a bit of a stretch.  Although, it has been nice waking up at 3:30 and then calling home at 4 to talk to Derwyn and the kids before they go to school.  Getting to talk to them twice in one day is an unexpected bonus.  Derwyn has a saying that “fatigue makes cowards of us all” and that’s about where I am at right now.  It is hard to see my super-human mom as a frail human like the rest of us.  She has a lot of bruises (duh!) and is still really sleepy.  The physiotherapist was in a bit ago to get mom’s limbs and joints moving and staying as limber as possible.  He said that they will be working with her a lot more from now on and he was as gentle as a lamb with her.  She is receiving the best care I could have hoped for and her nurses are fantastic!  Mom is far from being out of the woods yet, but as many have reminded me on facebook – God is still in the miracle working business!  Can I hear an AMEN?

Thank you for walking this road with us and know that you are loved more than I can begin to express right now.

Love you all, Wanda