Hello all,

I am wanting desperately to tell you about the musical on Sunday and how amazingly well the kids did – if only I had more than the few minutes I am stealing now instead of making lunches.  The schedule has been INSANE and I do not have a free moment until Saturday morning (which I intend to spend sleeping, by the way).  I am working Mon – Fri for the next two weeks.  The money is needed, but with two kids who most times are not asleep until after 9 (sometimes close to 10 – arrgh), I’m not just sure when I will get to wrap presents, etc, etc.

The library interview went very well last Wednesday, but I still have heard nothing.  I figure if it took them two months to actually interview for the position, I’m sure it will take them more than a week to decide to let us all know if we got the job or not…

We finally got snow and the kids are LOVING it.  They miss sledding in the yard and there is not enough yet to build a snowman, but Andrew made his first snow angel yesterday before school and was grinning from ear to ear while doing it.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Have to run, ham sandwiches won’t make themselves.

I promise to fill you all in as soon as I can…

Love, Wanda