Last Sunday we decided to take advantage of one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that come when living in the center of the universe. We braved the cold and went to the Santa Claus Parade downtown.

” The event, which started with Santa Claus arriving at Union Station and walking to Eaton’s back in 1905, has become the largest and longest-running Christmas parade in North America.”

With billing like that, who could just stay home and watch on TV?  So, we packed ahead, went to church and left from there to see it.  We arrived just about the right time as we only waited about 15 minutes, sipping hot chocolate before the mayor and the first floats came along.  One funny/not so funny thing about our adventure was that we were standing beside a group of people who came together on a bus, had name tags, were all adults (no children with them) and some were drunk as skunks before the parade even started (we arrived shortly after lunch time).  Their bus was a very special one that had a fridge, ice and more alcohol than they could possibly drink – although they tried their best.  The woman standing beside me kept calling to one who was on the bus by not quite turning all the way around and screaming in my ear!  Lovely woman…

Anyway, the floats were amazing and we even saw four people that we knew in the parade.  I couldn’t believe it.  A woman and her daughter who play in the bell choir with Laurenne and I were big bad wolves who followed little red riding hood and then we saw a boy that was on Andrew’s baseball team and his mom.  It was pretty weird recognizing faces seeing as we really don’t know that many people here.

The kids loved it and the larger than life sized lego men and the Coca Cola bears were a big hit.  We almost didn’t wait for Santa cuz we wanted to beat traffic to get out of there.  Thankfully we were near Wycliffe and decided a potty break was much needed after so much hot chocolate, so we were on the tail end of traffic and had a very efficient ride home.  It was worth it to see Santa and now that we have seen it once in person, we can enjoy the parade from the comfort and warmth of our own home next year!

Here are some of the sights…

Hope your shopping is going well (only 26 days left) and please share some of that snow.  The tree is up and between bouts of homework is slowly getting decorated…  We start our Advent tradition of eating by candle light tonight and are eagerly looking forward to the big day.

Love to all,