Despite the fact that I don’t turn 40 for another 25 days, I am officially old.  Yup, I need glasses.  It has been an ongoing joke at our house that I have better than 20/20 vision and the fussy (heaven forbid there be a smudge or water drop on a lens) glasses wearer needs to chill out.  I have noticed over the last few months that it is harder to read my music at bells practice and sometimes when I see things, they are not necessarily blurry but just don’t make sense and if I spent too long trying to figure it out, I would get a headache right above my eyes.  I was pretty sure the eye doctor was going to tell me that my eyes were fine, but my comprehension was shot and I needed a brain transplant.  Thankfully glasses are cheaper than surgery (pretty sure the Canadian medical system wouldn’t cover that), so off to the glasses store I will go.  I have always been fine with turning 40 – those who have gone before have said that life gets really good after the big 4-0, but the body falling apart is what I am having a hard time with…

I was supposed to have my interview at the library this morning and report to you all that I was now moving up in the world.  However, I got a call from Norman at 9:45 to let me know that too many people had called in sick and he would not have time to do interviews today.  AArrrrrgggggghhHHH!  So, next Wednesday I will (keep your fingers crossed) have my interview.  When I heard his voice and he started out by apologizing for the call, I had a heart attack.  I thought he was going to tell me that he found someone else and I didn’t need to come in EVER for an interview.  I’d rather wait a week than not have a chance at all.

The kids would love some of the snow that the rest of you seem to be getting.  We had a slight skiff on Sunday morning that didn’t stay and the forecast is for rain for the next two weeks.  To live here and not have a white Christmas would be a bummer.  They had one of the lowest amounts of snow in years last winter and hopefully with La Nina (or whatever the opposite of El Nino is called) we will see some of the white stuff before too long.  Andrew was in tears last year because we didn’t have enough snow to build a snowman or go sledding…  Thankfully we got our fill of snow at my parents when we went up for Christmas.

I finally got a wee bit of Christmas shopping done this morning and have a plan for the rest, so the panic has subsided.  Only a few stocking stuffers and something for Derwyn and our dads and I think I’m done.

Later on tonight I will try to post some pictures from our adventure on Sunday…

Until then and love to all,