Andrew decided it was time to throw his mother into a panic by counting how many weeks until Christmas!  Usually by this point in November my shopping is almost done (along with the wrapping) and I know what I have left to buy for whom – it’s just a matter of going out to get it.  Not so this year…  I have picked up a couple of things for the kids and bought one item for a grandparent (not mentioning any names, of course) and Derwyn today.  I have no idea what I’m getting for everyone and no idea when I will have time to go out and get anything!  I am on the schedule Mon – Fri again at Resto, only having Wed morning off for my interview at the library (told my boss I had an “appointment”… not lying, just not wanting him to freak out that my schedule will be cut drastically if I get the job)  With working both jobs I will be working five days a week, but will actually have Friday mornings to get the shopping done as I won’t work at the library until 1:30.  It’s still only about 25 hours a week all together and only $12 an hour, but that adds up to $1000 take home.  That’s good and enough to get by for now.

I have been accepted by two more publishing companies as a reviewer and am thrilled!  One company only runs blog tours once in a while so I have no books on the way yet from them.  However, I have three in the mail as we speak and love what’s coming.  One is a book about 150 hymns of the church and the stories behind them and the composers.  I already have one that is just Christmas carols, so this is right up my alley.  The second one is called Don’t Waste the Pain, written by a brother and sister who have both had cancer and one lost a child.  I hope it isn’t an altruistic look at life after they have come out the other side, but an honest look at life through pain – we shall see.  The third one is an Advent family devotional.  We bought one several years ago when we started celebrating Advent as a family, but we have outgrown it and I am looking forward to this one.  It is aimed at elementary and high school kids and looks at Advent and Christmas more in-depth.  I hope it comes in before next Sunday (first Sunday of Advent) so we can use it right away.

Well, I hope you all are further ahead with your shopping than I am and if you’re not, you’d better hurry up – there are only 35 more shopping days until Christmas!

Love to all and please don’t shoot me 😉