Well, I finally got a call from the library about the page position and I have an interview on Wednesday the 24th at 10:30am!  Yippee!  The position is only 12.5 hours a week and the pay would be the same that I am making at Resto, but my foot will be in the door and I can then apply for the clerk position that is coming available and will be filled by the end of December.  (There is a new mayor in town and there is fear that there will be a hiring freeze so they want the position filled before it’s too late…)  The page position is three hours for three days and 3 1/2 hours one other day with no weekends and the latest I have to work is Friday until 4:30.  I am going to talk to my boss at Resto (once I have the position at the library) and see if he will be OK with me working a few hours on truck days and then on Tuesdays when I don’t work at the library. That will bring my hours up to what I am working now and I will have part of Wednesday morning and all of Friday morning to myself.  I am so excited!  My dream job – playing with books all day and helping people learn and grow.  I had stopped in to see Norm (manager at the library) last week after the renovations were finished and he told me again that I was the one that he had in mind to hire, he was just waiting for the go ahead from the higher-ups.  Man, I sure hope this works out.  

(Sorry I can’t make this any bigger – the caption reads:  “I’m not kidding around anymore, Mrs. Sharp.  You have our book.  We have your son.”  The world better watch out if I get the clerk position!)

So, if you wouldn’t mind sending a few prayers my way, I would really appreciate it.  I have been waiting so long for this and would be crushed if I didn’t get the position.   God’s plan and timing are perfect – now if only I could completely trust Him and stop meddling…

Love to all,