Wow!  Has it been a CRAZY week….  The kids loved trick or treating and are still eating candy (yes, I’m one of those moms who won’t let their kids binge – I think 6 or 7 candies a day are plenty!)  Their pumpkin carvings were fantastic and while Laurenne loved getting her hands in there and feeling the slime, my texture sensitive boy was grossed out and had to use a spoon and his mom’s hand to get the job done.  Too funny!

My sister is in the hospital and not doing so well.  The nurses at her home were not on top of her meds when she had a fever and now it will be a long fight back to health.  I may be flying home to help out for a bit, but need to talk to the library to find out about an interview first (I’m going this afternoon – the reno’s were finished yesterday).

I got a call at work yesterday just after lunch from Laurenne saying that she wasn’t feeling too well.  Turns out that her friend had picked her up to swing her around, lost her balance, dropped Laurenne (who hit her head on the ground) and then proceeded to fall on Laurenne’s head.  So, three hours in the emergency room for them to tell me what I already knew – Laurenne has a concussion.  I had the hardest time keeping her awake and even though her headache got worse (which I told them), the only way I got to see a Dr. was to let them know that my 9 year old boy had now been HOME ALONE FOR AN HOUR and I was going to have to leave.  Oh, people have a life?!  I had already told the triage nurse that my son was home alone and needed a phone to let him know where we were. Did she clue in?  Did she let the Dr. know that Laurenne’s headache was getting worse? Did they even know she had a head injury?  Nope, the people with a tummy ache and the flu got in first.  Frustrated?  Yup!  Still thankful that we have Canadian health care and not American?  Yup!  Laurenne went to school this morning with a sore neck (minor whiplash is my guess) and a bottle of Tylenol.  Hopefully she makes it through the day, but thankfully I don’t work again until Friday if she does get worse and needs to stay home.

Work is carrying on OK.  One of the ladies who works in visuals (used to be in receiving) is going to push hard for me to work in the upstairs stock room.  It is a disaster, full of the little fiddly things that the boys can’t stand dealing with and need some serious organization.  She is frustrated that my skills and organization are being wasted downstairs with the boys whose motto is “I don’t have time for this ****”  And then they wonder how the stockroom stays such a disaster……  Rocket science, I’m tellin’ ya!

The musical at church is coming along, but the final script is still not out, I’m losing half the kids to the Santa Claus Parade on the 21st, and many of the parents are not supporting their non-readers to actually LEARN!  I told the drama director that by the performance I may be bald from pulling out my hair and need dentures from clenching my teeth so much! That’s OK, the cute factor will carry us through all of the forgotten lines and mumbling songs.  All will be as it needs to be – the parents will just have to give up a couple of Saturday afternoons to get it that way.  Because we don’t have a rehearsal cuz of the parade, I think we’ll head down as well.  Another one of those “once in a lifetime” things to do…

I received my birthday present last week as well.  I had told Derwyn that because I will be thousands of miles away from my friends and family on my 40th birthday, I wanted to go to The Nutcracker Ballet – never mind the cost!  So, when Derwyn came to have lunch with me at work (he was on reading week at school and I got to have my lunch break with him – so great!) he showed me what came in the mail – two tickets for seats just above dress circle!  The kids are being farmed out overnight and we get to have dinner at a restaurant called Forte.  The appetizers are called “prelude”, main course is called “opus”, dessert – “coda”, cheese plate after dessert – “encore”, and  scotch, rum or port after dessert -“counterpoint”.  My husband is truly the best.  He not only gets me tickets to the ballet, he gets them right above dress circle and then he finds a restaurant that was made just for me.  The only reason I even know about the restaurant is because I told him I wanted to help decide where to eat.  He had already found it (amazing man that he is) and now I get to enjoy the anticipation of a night out on the town with my man, dressed to the nine’s and no curfew!  I am so blessed!  Look out Toronto – 40 is looking good!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  Laurenne had her first voice lesson on Saturday and had a great time.  I took a little video for you all to see how things went.  The first lesson was an hour long and the difference from minute 5 to minute 60 was astounding.  Laurenne adores Catharin and is excited to learn more!  Yippee!  In the video, Catharin shows her a bit about using high notes with power.  Notice that she is sitting down and doesn’t take a full breath before singing – now imagine her standing and fully prepared for it!  Man, she’s good!  Just found out that to upload videos directly to the blog costs $60 per year, so you’ll just have to use your imagination for now… Sorry.

This has gone on long enough!  I am home a lot more this week, so will be able to post again – hopefully Thursday after the Remembrance Day ceremony.  It’s not a statutory holiday in Ontario, so I asked for the day off work (my boss, bless him, was very happy to give me the day off and was pleased that it was such an important day for our family and we were passing it along to our children), I am pulling the kids out of school and we are going down to the university to the ceremony there with Derwyn and his cousin Patrick (who is reg force army).  I’m looking forward to it.

Love you all,  Wanda