We spent a small fortune on Andrew’s baseball teams and gear this spring and summer – with pleasure!  It is his sport and we are happy to help him pursue his dreams.  We wanted to spend the same for Laurenne, but she had nothing that interested her and she spent her time sitting in a lawn chair watching Andrew play ball.

Now with Laurenne having the lead role in the church musical and landing a role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at school, I began to wonder if Laurenne would be interested in some voice lessons.  I thought if we could find a teacher that could give her some singing and acting/speech lessons, she might be interested.  She was!  Now the trick was to find her a teacher.  To google that kind of thing for Toronto gives you a million hits and no clue if the teacher is for real or not.  So…. I emailed the organist/choir director at the church to see if he had any recommendations.  He got back to me last night when we were at a function at the church.  He talked to the alto soloist in the choir and she was willing to give Laurenne some lessons.  This is the part that blows my mind, yet again, about the love the Father has for us.  The lady’s name is Catherine and she happened to sit beside me at dinner (not knowing who I was).  We started talking about lessons for Laurenne and when I told her that she had a part in Joseph, Catherine’s eyes lit up and she said – wait for it – I have been the narrator (lead role beside Joseph) TWICE! She knows the music inside out and backwards.  Catherine is a freelance opera singer and has lived and performed in London (for 2 years) – the England one, not the Ontario one, Montreal and Toronto.  The woman is extremely talented and did I mention that she has done Joseph twice?  Laurenne’s eyes popped out of her head and then she started to do the happy dance when I told her.  So, not only will she be getting lessons from someone who does Broadway-style productions, but will be learning to use her voice with the songs that she will be performing in the musical.  God is SO good!

I hear stirrings upstairs which means it’s pumpkin time!  I’ll let you know how her first lesson goes – it is this Saturday.

Have I mentioned that Catherine was in Joseph twice?  Blows my mind!