Whew!  I have finished my first week of work and have decided that getting up at 6am three mornings in a row and working 8-5 is for the birds!  Man, am I pooped.  Thankfully I was able to get off at 3 today so that I can come home and work on Andrew’s Halloween costume for school tomorrow.  I am learning more at work and there is a good bunch of people working there – it helps make time fly and I am starting to enjoy it a bit more.  It is still disgusting how much stuff is thrown out and the amount of packaging their stuff comes in is ridiculous!  One nice thing I found out about is that if there are some things that are destined for the dumpster, employees can buy it for their staff discount of 40% off and then get another 40% off.  So, I brought home two lampshades worth $100 retail for $6. They had been marked to clearance before their fate had been decided, so I got it for clearance and 80% off. I am glad I chose receiving – sales has no idea what goes on down there…  I haven’t heard back from the jewellery store, but I’m hoping now that I don’t get the job.  I realized that I would have to buy a whole new wardrobe to go to work, and I can’t afford the brands that are required for that mall.  Still praying the library works out…

Arrrgggghhh!  Derwyn finally heard back from the guy who is responsible for approving his educational requirements for chaplaincy.  His answer, in short, is that he meets all of the requirements except for a course in morals/philosophy.  Derwyn is taking a course in – get this – MORAL PHILOSOPHY in the winter term!  The catch is that they like to see all of the courses completed before the February interview…  So, Derwyn sent an email off to the national chaplain recruiter that we met with in August in Ottawa (who we have been in contact with throughout this whole process) asking the big questions – if we apply this year and are told to wait until this course is done, do we have to reapply, etc.  His answer was that he will be in touch on Monday!  I could scream, pull out my hair, throw things… Hopefully by his delayed answer, he is talking to the big brass about our situation and can get a more definite answer.  To be in limbo until February will not only put me ’round the bend, but keep me there!  I cannot bear the thought of having to spend another year in this crazy city all because he finished his course 8 weeks after the interview.  Please don’t let them be as anal as that!

So, we have finally heard back and still don’t have a definite answer.  Welcome to my world.

I will send pictures of the kids in their costumes once I have them.  Enjoy the trick or treaters and have a great weekend.