Greetings one and all!

It was so exciting to see that the blog has had 52 hits today!  It’s nice to know that you are curious and I will do my best to keep you updated and post fun stuff.

First, for the GREAT NEWS.  Laurenne came home from school with a very big grin on her face (drum roll, please…)  She has been cast in the part of Levi’s wife in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!  She had auditioned for a small part and got it (over 90 kids auditioned for about 30 parts).  Am I tooting her horn?  YOU BET!  We couldn’t be more proud of her.  It took a lot of courage to stand before four teacher and recite a poem and sing a song – with no music, to boot.  Of course, now she is wishing that she had put on her audition form that she was trying out for a bigger part – one of her friends gets to be one of Joseph’s brothers.  Oh well, there is always next time!  The performances are in April and practices are twice a week for a couple of hours after school.  Life is going to get even busier!

Another bit of great news for Laurenne is that her book came in the mail today. (Well, OK, it is an anthology of short stories, but hers is on page 25 – her favourite number – so it might as well be her book – tee hee).  When she saw the books on the table, she jumped for joy and then fell to her knees to get a better look – made it tough to get pictures, but worth the squeals of delight.

The last bit of news for Laurenne is that she also did the poster art for the Once Upon a Starry Night musical advertisement poster at the church.  She was asked to do a picture that might be used and it turned out great.  Enough horn tooting for Laurenne!

Andrew finished the writing portion of his Halloween story for his kindergarten reading buddy, and for a boy who hates creative writing and thinks he is terrible at it, there were a lot of creative juices flowing to get a plot line like that.  I’ll send you some excerpts once the drawings are done.  I’m also going to include some pictures of his science project.

Now to limbo land.  I had the interview with the jewellery store today and wouldn’t mind working there.  They are opening up a Swarovski boutique (along with an expansion in January) and need staff – not just a seasonal position, so there is comfort in that.  She summed up the attitude in the mall very well.  She said that there are very wealthy people who shop there who like to spend their money, and it would be my job to help them decide how to do that!  This is the highest end mall in the city and the parking lot is full of BMW’s, Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, Maserati’s, etc, etc.  My humble Nissan Sentra and I drive VERY carefully in the parking lot – with a lot of groveling for a parking space and tire kissing ;-)!  I will find out by Wednesday whether or not I’ve got the job.  She was concerned that I have no sales experience (although it just dawned on me now that I sold Partylite candles for a couple of years – now I think of that?!?) and she also is wanting someone who will be in the city long term.  Sorry honey, hopefully we’re out of here in July!  That being said, she was very positive about my personality and my ideas about customer service, so we shall see.

Enough for tonight.  I don’t want to scare everyone off by writing a tome each time I sit in front of the computer.  Hope you are all doing well, keep up the comments, you can sign up for an email to tell you when I have posted something new on the right hand side of the screen, and hope you have a great week.

Love you all!  W