First published October 21st

So, my first day of work at Restoration Hardware was crazy and I am disgusted to say that I am an employee with such a company (I’m pretty sure that will be changing soon).  I work in receiving = glorified stock girl and gopher.  The stock room is down in the basement of the mall and is so crowded and unorganized that I am surprised that someone hasn’t been seriously hurt yet.  You cannot get to the computer to print out price tags because there are pallets of returned items in the way and you literally have to crawl or stretch over stuff to stand in the tiny little spot.  There are boxes stacked on the floor of the narrow isles and you have to turn sideways or move things out of the way to get to the items or get to the other end of the isle.  During my shift, the people in charge of visuals were sorting through things that are required by the company to be purged.  There were display boxes, shelves and wooden crates that are used to display stuff in the store upstairs.  Guess where they went?  On a truck and taken to the dump.  There was one beautiful little box with handles that I would have loved, but NO ONE is allowed anything.  It is put in a truck and hauled to the dump.  It was then that I found out that if a product comes in with a scratch or a flaw, it is also thrown in the dump.  There are $100 blankets and $300 cashmere housecoats, $50 towels, etc that are not allowed to be donated to the homeless or to a womens shelter because it is company policy to be chucked.  The reason?  That person (who’s life is at the bottom) might try to come back to the store and return it for a refund!  Heaven forbid they lose a few dollars profit so that someone who has nothing might enjoy an item they will never be able to afford.  You would think that the profit they make on the $120 toilet brush – yes, you read that right – would be enough to cover a housecoat here or there.  They could cut out the tags or mark the item so it could be easily identified as a flaw and had been donated.  I was sick to my stomach and am still looking for other work.

Speaking of other work…  I went into the library this afternoon and the manager there told me that because of a few days of renovations in early November, there will be no hiring until after that.  He also told me that they are looking for two pages and that my resume is at the top of the pile!  I asked him if the schedules overlapped for the two positions but he wasn’t sure.  It would be fantastic if I could get both positions and finally do a job that contributes to society and helps people become better.  Running $120 toilet brushes upstairs from a death trap stock room does nothing to help people or me contribute to society… (OK enough about Restoration Hardware)

When I got home from the library, there was a message from a jewellery store in the same mall asking if I would come in for an interview.  I talked to Derwyn about it, and even though it is a seasonal position as well, I think I would have an easier time working there than at RH.  I will go for the interview and see how it turns out.  Hopefully the library positions will have enough hours and be at a higher pay (pretty sure it’s union) that I will only have one job and not have to juggle two.  God has always provided for us and there is no reason for that to change now.

Laurenne’s audition for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat went very well and we think she will find out either tomorrow or early next week who made it.  We are praying REALLY HARD that she gets a small part.

Andrew did VERY well on his science presentation on earthquakes.  His mark was 29/30!  We are extremely proud.  He has always struggled with creative writing, which there has been a lot of this year, but doing research for this project put him in his element.  He loved digging for information and putting it together to present was exciting for him.  He kept coming up with new ideas and finally enjoyed doing some homework.  Yippee!

The kids are home soon and I still need to book that interview…

Love to all.