First posted October 18th

I have learned that it is really hard to be a mom and still be unbiased in your opinion when it comes to choosing children for parts in a musical.  The drama director, the main director and I held auditions for the speaking parts yesterday, and of course Andrew and Laurenne tried out for two of the most popular roles.  At one point the drama director voiced his concerns that it may look like the “Costinak” show if both Laurenne and Andrew got the parts they really wanted – never mind that they were the best for the roles.  I told him that church politics were the ugliest and I wouldn’t want to cause a stir (yes, I was lying!  Who cares what they think – if my kid is more talented than yours by a mile, why should one of them be punished so your insecure kid can have a bigger role?  They will all have a part, so shut up and deal with it.  Besides, having been a pastor’s wife for 13 years, I know a little bit about how church politics work…)  There, venting over.  Andrew will be King #3 who sings a solo called “I’m not getting on that camel” and Laurenne is Comet Star – the leader star who appears in most of the play.  I am continually amazed at Andrew’s singing and Laurenne’s acting.

Laurenne auditions for a small “crowd” part in the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat that the school will perform in April.  She is very nervous as there are a TON of kids trying out and her singing is not as strong as she would like.  She has had a cough on and off for a month now and is afraid that with nerves and a scratchy throat it may not go as well as she would like.  We’re praying hard for her and giving her some singing tips tonight.

I had my second interview with Restoration Hardware this morning and am just waiting to hear the final OK.  I had a different manager today than yesterday, but he told me at the end of our conversation that he would like to offer me a job, but just needed to confirm it with the manager that I had the group interview with.  I asked to work in receiving and will not have much to do with the customers – but will be getting a paycheque and that’s all that matters right now.  Hopefully when I go to the library on Wednesday I will be offered more pay and won’t have to work at R.H. at all.

Andrew will be home any minute and we have some serious science project to finish.  I have bells tonight, but hopefully tomorrow morning I will be able to figure out how to invite people to this so that someone other than me reads this…