First posted October 16th

Well, I have lived through my first group interview and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it might be.  Many of the ten people there spent more time tooting their own horn instead of answering the questions that the leader (they don’t call themselves managers there) asked.  There were a few of us that stood out and I will find out tomorrow if I will be invited in for a second interview.  Remember the part about all things working together for good that I posted yesterday?  Well, I found out that they are hiring for sales and receiving positions!  I jumped at the chance to work in receiving.  That way, I will not have a conflict with trying to sell someone a $900 end table to go with the $3000 sofa they want to buy!  In receiving, I would work downstairs unloading trucks, organizing product as it came in and running stuff upstairs for someone in sales.  That, I can manage!  I’m still holding out for the library job, though – I think Wednesday when I go in to talk to the hiring manager again they will be ready to talk turkey.  As for the fancy pants store paying more – not a chance.  Someone in the interview asked how much we would get paid (stupid thing to ask in a group interview – duh!) and all the leader would say was that it would be based on experience and to remember that it is a seasonal position – can you say minimum wage?

As for the rest of the day, we had a great time…  we spent the day screaming our lungs out at Canada’s Wonderland.  There are some really freaky rides and I have decided that I am not going on the Behemoth roller coaster again.  It is the biggest roller coaster in Canada and the first time I went on back in September, I prayed for my life on the way up and screamed like I was going to die on the way down and for the rest of the ride.  I thought I would be braver this time.  Hah!  I went with Andrew who wanted to ride in the last car in the last seats.  Did you know that you can almost throw up knowing that there are no other bodies behind you to catch you if you fall?  I thought I was going to lose my lunch!  I did not enjoy the ride any more the second time and have decided that my Behemoth days are over.  I spent the rest of the day safely on the ground while my crazy husband and my even crazier kids went on the puke machines.  I spent the time like a lizard – sitting on a rock in the sun – much better than finding ways to employ a chiropractor.  I did get some great shots of them trying to kill themselves that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.  Click on the small picture to see it full screen.  In the fine print above that picture it will say full size image 2560 x 1920 or something like that with big numbers.  Click on that and you will get the picture full screen to see the details.  Once that picture is up, you can click on the picture one more time to see as much detail as possible.  I can’t make it any bigger than that…


I looked up some stats on the Behemoth roller coaster and now, I must say, I am really proud of myself for doing it twice.  Had I known these things before, my butt would never have warmed a seat on the thing!  According to Wikipedia, a ride on Behemoth lasts approximately three minutes and ten seconds.  After departing the station, the train turns right and begins to slowly climb the lift hill.   After approximately thirty seconds, the maximum height of 70 meters (almost 230 feet, or about 25 stories) is reached. From the top, a passenger can clearly see the iconic CN Tower to the left and overlook the entire park to the right. The train drops from the peak at a 75-degree angle to reach the maximum speed of 127 km/h (78.9 mph) in 3.9 seconds. The drop creates an air-time sensation (ya know, the sensation that YOU ARE GOING TO DIE) for the duration of the descent.

While looking for stats on Behemoth, I found a youtube video that someone took in the ride.  The music and little captions are a bit annoying, but you can now live it yourself by going to Crazy stuff, eh?

Enough for tonight.  I am hoping to post good news tomorrow that the kids got the parts they wanted when they audition tomorrow for the Christmas musical we are doing at church in December.