First posted October 15th…

I just wanted to show you some beautiful sights in our neighbourhood. The sun is shining, I am tired of being cooped up in the house and decided it was time to pull out the camera! I find taking pictures so relaxing and it takes my mind off of all the limbo, job interview, waiting for the library to say yes, I can have one of the three page positions that are now open… Of course, I was only gone half an hour when I had to turn around and head for home cuz I had to go (thanks mom for the bladder capacity).

Hopefully this blog will be easier to use than the other site I tried. I know as soon as I try and download the pictures I took today.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and I’ll blog again tomorrow after the interview I have at that fancy pants store.  It’s hard to get excited about working in a place where a small pottery bowl is $18 and an end table for a couch is $900. However, the hope is that they can afford to pay their employees better than minimum wage and eventually I’ll get enough hours at the library that I won’t need to beg to stay on after the seasonal contract at the fancy pants is over. All things work together for good…

Happy Friday,